McLeod Creek Farm Campground



McLeod Creek Farm provided farm tours for the greater Edmonton area for more than 25 years! McLeod Creek Farm booked farm tours to groups that numbered in the thousands every year.


As well, we bred and raised Shetland Ponies with one of the largest herds in Canada!


In 2006 we proudly teamed up with Rare Breeds Canada to help preserve some very rare animals, including the Lac La Croix Indian Pony and the Newfoundland Pony. There were many different species of rare heritage livestock here on the farm.


During the summer months, we saw an average of 8,000+ people come through the farm to experience the sheer peace of farm life. Being able to be a part of it is absolutely exhilarating for children and adults alike. To see all the wondrous breeds of animals, touch them, feed them and even go for a ride on a pony!


Through the last 25+ years, we have seen many people come back as adults with their children. Being able to show and tell them about a farm that they once visited when they were young is a truly incredible accomplishment!


Some of the things that happened at McLeod Creek Farm:

first and foremost, we are a working farm. We bred, raised, trained and sell Canadian Shetland Ponies. We ran school tours, regular tours, birthday parties on special occasions, weddings, family reunions and much more on a yearly basis. It took a lot of hard work to keep a place like this around, but it truly is great!


Many of the livestock breeds we had are rated as rare or endangered by Rare Breeds Canada and cannot be seen, in quantity, anywhere else in Western Canada.  Including: Guinea fowl, Pilgrim geese, Production Rouen ducks, Indian Runner ducks, Utility Embden Geese, Shetland Sheep, Jacobs sheep, Shetland Pony, Lac La Croix Indian pony, Newfoundland ponies, and Dexter cattle.


McLeod Creek Farm provided some animals for petting and touching, but no other direct access to livestock pens was allowed for the safety and health of our customers and livestock.


Thank you, we're so glad you enjoyed our farm throughout the years! We open our campground services to you, which is still in operation, whenever you want to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Petting Zoo


All petting zoo services are currently suspended!

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